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Community Connections

Community Connections is a preventative community development programme in Lewisham.

Vulnerable adults who are resident in the Borough of Lewisham are supported to access local resources that meet their health and wellbeing needs. Clients referred may benefit from local services to improve their social integration, reduce isolation and improve their wellbeing. Referrals can be made by any individual or organisation on behalf of the client.

Consortium partners:
Age UK Lewisham and Southwark
Carers Lewisham
Lewisham Disability Coalition
Rushey Green Timebank
Voluntary Action Lewisham
Voluntary Services Lewisham
With support from the London Borough of Lewisham

Community Connections project covers the whole of Lewisham. We work with adults who are socially isolated to help them to improve their wellbeing by supporting them to access services and activities in the community on a one-one basis. This support is time limited.

Community Connections is also a community development project. We work with community groups and organisations to support them in building and expanding activities as well as strengthening networks across local groups and services.

To get in touch, or self refer for one-one support please email: or call: 020 8314 3244

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"Even though my daughter put me on facebook and twitter, I didn’t know much"

Joyce had a stroke several years ago and has written a book about how it has changed her life and what helped her regain her health. She is keen to get online and promote her book online, but she had some questions about how social media could help her.

With a techy helper, Joyce learned more about facebook and twitter. She learned the difference between your twitter followers and the people you follow on twitter, and she learned more about facebook: what is a timeline, what is someone’s wall, and how to use ‘likes’ and ‘emojis’ in addition to comments. Joyce also learned how to upload photos and videos into facebook and twitter posts.

At the Techy Tea Party, Joyce commented on a friend’s photo on facebook, and she wished her brother happy birthday on his wall. Joyce said, “It’s exciting to be on facebook”. Joyce says she aims to keep going with facebook and that it was good to learn that you can use facebook for your business. She was keen to look at how various charities use social media, such as the Stroke Association and Community Connections, and she says, “If I need to learn the business aspect of facebook I will – It’s worldwide!” Joyce’s longterm aim is to use social media to promote worldwide awareness of strokes.

Techy Tea Parties going strong

Community Connections continues to help coordinate pop-up Techy Tea Parties across the borough as part of the Go On Lewisham initiative. Techy Tea Parties connect older people with volunteers in a fun atmosphere to help answer questions about the digital technology that older people have in their homes. Participants bring mobile phones and tablets, and volunteers offer teas and coffees, cakes and solutions to the participants' IT problems.

These photos show a Techy Tea Party held at Conrad Court in north Deptford, which had a wonderful turnout of people who live at Conrad Court, local residents in the surrounding area, volunteers from the Pepys Resource Centre and My Complete Focus, and even a mini-Councillor surgery with Councillor David Michael! Topics that participants sought help with included: what can the internet be used for, youtube videos, online shopping, and how to connect to wifi.

For more information including where to find the next Techy Tea Party, please contact the Community Connections team on or phone 020 8314 3244.

Volunteering with Community Connections

Here's what one volunteer said about volunteering with Community Connections:

I've been volunteering with Community Connections for half a year now. I'm enjoying it, because it breaks up my week and gets me away from my desk job. It feels good to give a little bit of my time and attention to somebody who really appreciates it - it may be a small thing, but it can make a big difference.

I enjoy meeting people, and through volunteering I have got to know some lovely and inspiring people I would otherwise not have met. I love a good conversation, and I've had so many interesting and entertaining conversations with the people I met.

I'm used to working in a target-driven job. It feels good to balance that and support someone, just being there for them, from one person to another.

The Community Connections team look after us volunteers and are there to guide and advise, which is really helpful.

Tino Kulnik

Community Connector

Great Feedback from People's Day

We got really good feedback from People's Day! We interviewed 27 people about what works in their area -- the chart shows what people identified as great about where they live. People love their neighbours -- that was overwhelmingly the number one thing that was said. It's great to hear that the people of Lewisham know how great each other are and have such a strong sense of neighbourliness. People also said that there are a number of parks they enjoy: Hilly Fields, Ladywell Field, Manor Park, Hither Green Park and Blythe Hill all got named. Other winners were community groups and activities, council and schools, transport links, and a lot of love for High Streets!

Keep an eye out on, as we will be posting soon about feedback from the Pepys 50th Anniversary Event as well!

People's Day!

Come check out the Community Connections table at People's Day!
09 Jul 2016 at 12:00pm
until 09 Jul 2016 at 8:00pm
Mountsfield Park

Pop Up Techy Tea Parties

As part of the Go On Lewisham initiative in partnership with Age UK London, Community Connections has been busy creating Pop Up Techy Tea Parties.

The tea parties have been popping up across the borough, including a recent one at the New Cross Learning Centre in connection with JOY (Just Older Youth). Volunteers came from across the community to support participants in learning more about using mobile technology, such as how to attach a photo to an email and how to look up information about medications online.

As you can see, cakes are an important part of any party, and a great time was had by all!